"Vin Fraioli has a wonderful sense of the fantastical and the bizarre." Colin Wilson


I don’t like flying and I never ask my wife where or how or when we have to fly, but I found myself on a plane fromProvidence headed for Brazil. I always ask how long the flight will be, and this one was a long one, from Providence to Atlanta and from Atlanta to Rio. Nine hours she kept saying. And my kids repeated in a dour chorus, nine hours. More



That’s what we called him, this hot shot pianist from Argentina who played the piano like a freak of nature. I watched him conjure from memory all thirty-two sonatas of Beethoven, the first book of the Well Tempered Clavier, and every insect puzzle with which Webern had infected the repertoire. I witnessed his uncanny ability to improvise a melody in any musical style from organum to high counterpoint, as if Perotin, Bach, Debussy, or Jimi Hendrix were standing in front of him telling him what to play. He was scary, this black haired, handsome kid from Buenos Aires . And he was my friend. More