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A Touch of Ginger

A TOUCH OF GINGER, my latest screenplay, is a feature length film about an Italian chef who has a summer romance with an American tourist and discovers twenty years later that that he has a daughter living in America.

I was inspired to write this by the real life Sergio Laccone, who at times, seems bigger that life.

At the moment, we are in negotiations with a major production company.

A Touch of GingerWhen a chef of a small Italian village has a summer romance with an American tourist who later abandons him to return home, he discovers nineteen years later that she has had a daughter by him and comes to America to find her working in a restaurant and secretly takes a job as a chef to win her love.


The Strange Case of Marie France

“a very clever and haunting film. The writing is subtle and insightful. You know you are in the hands of a gifted artist.” Michael Corrente

Robert Berger is obsessed with keeping order and beauty in his home. But his family thwarts him at every step until one day, a provocative savior appears to save him. Or does she?

Screened at the Palm Beach International Film Festival and the Newport Beach Film Festival (pdf).

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DIRECTOR: Till Neumann
CAST: Robert Cucuzza, Mari Dias, Laurie Lajoie, Vin Fraioli
Executive Producers: Vin Fraioli, Frank Miele
PRODUCER: Adam McClelland, Till Neumann, Vin Fraioli
EDITOR: Salvatore Interlandi

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