What's Danny Aiello's Secret Recipe?
The STIFFS star reveals this and more during an interview for IMAGINE

The Tournament
An entire community in Westerly, Rhode Island, is welcoming, embracing and participating in the filming of Eugene J. Celico’s original film, THE TOURNAMENT with the warmth and spirit of a family reunion. It comes so natural to Eugene to direct this New York film crew, the actors and extras with the grace of a hometown host. After all, he was born and grew up in Westerly and much of the film, which he wrote, directed and produced, is a sweet and dramatic memoire of people and characters from his childhood.

How Storytelling Feeds the Soul
Cathy Pagano, storyteller, screenwriter, Jungian therapist and friend, has a natural gift for helping writers and artists find their way to the vast personal archives of memory, dreams and the greater wheels of Myth.

An Ouzi at the Alamo
Chris Sparling says that the title of his first film, AN OUZI AT THE ALAMO, a comedy soon to be premiered in Rhode Island, has nothing to do with the film.

Cherry and Arnold: Cherry Arnold is a Woman Filmmaker to Watch
Two prominent family names in Rhode Island history. How coincidental, I think, that they should combine as someone’s full name, Cherry Arnold, who is a film director and native Rhode Islander. How coincidental, too, that she should have spent years making a documentary film about archetypal Rhode Island personality, Providence major, Vincent “Buddy” Cianci, a man whose name has launched her into a sort of shadowed limelight. But this interview is not about Buddy. This is about Cherry Arnold.

I pull to the side of the road of a cul de sac right into a patch of shade. It’s almost one thirty and I have a phone interview with Elizabeth Stephen, the President of Mandalay Entertainment Television and the prime mover behind the series “Brotherhood,” which is being filmed in Rhode Island for the Showtime Network at this very moment. Its impact to the economy, to local industries and to the self-esteem of Liddle Rhody is said to be enormous, the effects of which we won’t know for years to come.

California, Here I Came
It’s difficult for me to think of him, owner of Video Dynamics in Warwick, Rhode Island, without remembering him and his buddies tooling along the road in a convertible along Hermosa Beach, the top down, the California sun going along for the ride, the radio blaring the Stone’s latest hit and him singing along.

My Cousin Vinny’s Cousin Angela
So, Anthony Paolucci, an actor friend of mine, calls me to interview Angela Peri, Director of Boston Casting. He pushes me with an enthusiasm which borders on urgency. “You’re gonna love her,” he says. “Call her.” So I pick up the phone and call her.

Every Scene of Showtime Pilot “The Brotherhood” will shoot in the State.

Steve Feinberg knows what he wants. And he is going to get it.
I’m about to interview him as the newly appointed Director of the erstwhile dormant (put to deep sleep, that is) and now revived Rhode Island Film and Television Office.
“I can tell you as sure as I am standing here at this moment,” he told me over the phone in my pre-interview, “by next year, Rhode Island will be the film capital of New England!”

The jonnycake's long journey: Icon was born when cornmeal hit iron pan
They are crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle, and quite tasty. And when you bite into this bit of fried cornmeal -- called a jonnycake -- you are partaking of a piece of history that dates to when Roger Williams founded the colony of Rhode Island in 1636.