Another Story (Cliff Note Version)

Vin FraioliVin Fraioli is proof that a dilettante, if he lives long enough, can become a Renaissance Man. Writer, musician, producer, and sometimes actor, he dreads the American cocktail party opener, “So, what do you do?”

Born in Providence, Rhode Island in sight of the State House, he grew up in an old neighborhood “where houses still had wallpaper of the previous century in their attics and immigrant neighbors had come from all over, displaced from the two wars.”

After receiving a classical education at Rhode Island's Classical High School, he went to went to Europe with his future and present wife, Deborah, to study the Renaissance lute with Rodrigo deZayas. Returning to New York City, he became a protégé of the Cuban guitarist, Rey de la Torre and made his Carnegie Recital Hall debut in 1976. He was welcomed back to Rhode Island with his appointment as Composer In Residence for the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. He also began to teach at the University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College.

“I was always compelled to write, "he says, "so after submitting a manuscript, I sneaked away to the Columbia University Graduate School of Creative Writing. Months later I suffered a crise de conscience (in English, of course) and traded my pen for a spear to bring home the bacon to a growing new family. Not interested in law school, I did what many red blooded American breadwinners have done.

I went into Real Estate.

And I continued to write. Unfinished novels, short stories, free lance articles. There is a saying in Italian, “impari l’Arte, e mettilo da parte” (Learn Art, then put it aside). I seemed to follow that proverb for many years before my Muse, a ninety-eight year old Italian writer, made her demand.

She had ‘discovered’ my work twenty years earlier when I lived in Italy and now told me that she wanted me to complete a book. ‘Not loose pages!’ she said. A book!’ So, within five and a half months, I wrote a book of short stories, had it designed and bound, and had it hand delivered to her in Rome. ‘Now, I can die,’ she said. And within six months, she did."

Fraioli now writes screenplays, and has just finished his first film. THE STRANGE CASE OF MARIE FRANCE, WHICH HAS WON the audience award for Best Short Film at the Newport International and the Rhode Island International Film festivals.

He lives in North Kingstown, with his wife and two children, Juliana and Alexander and four dogs, among which is the favorite, a chihuahua named Rocco.